Metal Band BORG fights Arizona meth usage

Joe Terborg did 12 years in prison on meth related charges and is now in BORG (Beyond Our Recognitions of God), a heavy metal band that crusades against meth use.

Drummer Matt James: “It’s metal with a message. That’s pretty much what we try to go by. It’s not so much Christian. It’s not so much anything. It’s just positive . . . The main importance, the main goal of why we play music is so that your fans relate, that everybody can relate to what you’re talking about, whether it be drug addiction or prison or loneliness or depression or whatever it is, it’s being able to relate. That’s what metal with a message is — being able to relate to the music and have some kind of understanding and connection with the band that’s playing the music.”

Terborg: “I’ve had parole officers tell me ‘You know, it’s just odd that you would do 12 years in prison, and get out and get a $100,000 a year job. How in the heck did you do that?’ I say to them: In 12 years, I got nine college degrees, and they were all free, so I took full advantage of it. But the bottom line is, when I go back to the parole office next week, I’m gonna tell them ‘Hey, what’s going on, guys? I’ve got my own air-conditioning business. I came out and got into an air-conditioning business. Now I own my own. Now we have this nonprofit foundation [Dads Against Meth Use] and this hellacious metal band that’s out there layin’ it down and preachin’.’ It’s awesome. These are my dreams come true.”

Aerosmith was one of the first bands to make it cool to be clean and sober. They helped pave the way for others. At their worst, Steve Tyler said he was living on sofas in Times Square hoping the dealers would give him a discount because he used to be famous. The Chili Peppers got clean after a band member overdosed and then rocketed to stardom. It’s good to see a heavy metal band railing against meth. More, please. (Yes, this is personal with me, I was a tweaker back when they were called speed freaks and managed to escape. Too many others haven’t.)

BORG MySpace page

Dads Against Meth Use Facebook page


  1. Wow Look at that lead singer. He looks like he is effffffeeedd up on tweek right now. Glass is bad mckay.. I have heard the music and have seen them live a couple times back in 08 when the cell block was still up and running. These guys really suck bad.

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