Silicon Valley hiring conspiracy. And superangel collusion?

How dumb was the Silicon Valley hiring conspiracy? Let us count the ways

When I think of Google, Apple, Intel, Intuit, Adobe and Pixar, the words that come to mind are usually innovative and progressive.

In the wake of their shocking settlement with the federal government Friday over charges they colluded to not hire each other’s employees, another word comes to mind:


Gee, I think it was more than dumb. How about criminal? How about actual penalties from the government instead of the usual slap on the wrist. Seems to me that violating antitrust law should get you some kind of penalty. Oh gosh, I forgot. Doing so would be bad for the market. Can’t have that happening.

And lest you think Silicon Valley tech giants are someone more noble that other companies, I invite you to read the sleazy, arrogant, non-denial denials from the companies involved.

Then read about the Superangel slugfest there, ignited by Mike Arrington of Tech Crunch, who raised pointed questions about a gathering of superangels and whether they were colluding to set valuations for companies wanting funding.

In a widely reprinted email, superangel Ron Conway rips those at the meeting a new one.

I wish the Angel community could have the same integrity and values of the entrepreneur community, but unfortunately I now believe that is hopeless and your actions prove that.

What do you think the entrepreneurs you have funded are thinking right now.

This is despicable and embarrassing for the tech community in my opinion.

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  1. I know a little bit about technology based black-balling. Leave it at that.

    I keep a list, titled “When the Revolution Gets Here”. This Old Hippie is a VietNam Veteran, not afraid to pick up a gun, or use it. Don’t have to be a Peacefreak to be against War.

    And some things are just wrong.

    If ya’ ain’t with us, you’re against us.

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