Those Fighting Poodles

Fear me, I am the Democratic Congress

The Democrats gave up on a pre-election tax cut vote, vowing to git ‘er done after the election when they will have considerably fewer votes than they have now. Right….

Oh, I know, boo hoo hoo, they will snivel, it’s all the fault of those Bad and Evil Republicans. However the Democrats control both houses and the presidency yet are about the most pathetic, craven, compromised batch of politicians I’ve ever seen. Do they *ever* fight for anything?

Contrast this, if you would, with LBJ or FDR. Had a small minority tried the block their agendas the way Republicans are doing now, well, they wouldn’t have even tried. And that is precisely my point.


  1. Democrats need to call them on their bluff. Make the Republicans filibuster. Fill the docket with 5 or 6 things they know are going to trigger it in a row, spin it up, and then get the media to pay attention as the Republicans yammer. My bet: It’s all a bluff. So call them on it. Worst case, you waste a week, and turn the sentiment of the country against the Republicans for blocking progress. Best case, they step aside and your bills go through.

    Why they’ve been pulling things from the docket because the other side “says” they’ll block it made sense when they had a line of things to get done. But now that it’s clear that they can’t make any progress because of this stupid lock-step group, time to call them on it. Force their hand. And do it before the election cycle.

  2. Did you see today? Nancy Pelosi is saying there will be a vote next week. She has bigger balls than all the Democratic Senators combined. There are some good Democratic reps out there – why can’t we find the same kind of folks for the Senate??? I want an Anthony Wiener breathing down Harry’s neck and making steam pore out of McConnell’s ears.

      • Well we know what to ask the up and coming dems looking for senate seats.

        “Cut the rhetoric and tell me what kind of backbone you have. If it doesn’t look like an iron rod shoved up your a** to your neck – then you aren’t the dem for me. If you won’t stand up for what you believe in before the party as well as the whole Senate then you don’t have the guts or the courage for the job and don’t deserve it.”

        • I think we need to determine precisely why the Dems always cave. My view is most of them basically agree with the Republican agenda, especially considering that the Democratic Party has no actual platform or principles it will fight for. It has abandoned its traditional base of labor, minorities, the working class and the poor and has little that it stands for.

          • The members of both parties have one huge thing in common. They start out with ideals and run. Once they get the job – they fall in love with the prestige and deference, the perks, great government run healthcare, travel etc. The grabbed the brass ring and they don’t want to lose it so they lose their ideals instead. They conveniently forget why they ran and the promises they made to the people that allowed them to grab the brass ring.

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