About that barrage of No Brown Bailout ads you’re seeing

Tired of seeing me, aren't you?

If you’re like me, you’ve been seeing those No Brown Bailout ads everywhere and constantly on the net. Someone must have deep pockets indeed to pay for them.

It’s Fedex. Their arch-rival UPS and the Teamsters are trying to get a bill passed that would make it easier for the Teamsters to unionize Fedex. The Teamsters are already at UPS. The motive of UPS here is solely to increase expenses at Fedex and thus give UPS an edge up. The Teamsters just want to expand their power base. So spare me talk about the rousing power of unions to help the working man. Because in this case, such sentiments are irrelevant.

Fedex has countered with the No Brown Bailout ad campaign. But it’s not really a bailout at all nor are the motives of UPS and the Teamsters anything but sleazy.

For those of us who use Google Adsense for revenue and watched it plummet because everyone was tired of the Brown bailout ads yet the ad was omnipresent, there is a simple solution. Put the url for the ad in Adsense Setup / Competitive Ad Filter and it won’t appear again.

I wish we could do the same for entrenched special interests that pretend to be grassroots.


  1. I don’t see what’s so sleazy about UPS wanting their direct business competitor to face the same unionization laws that they do. Wheather it’s more union involvement or less it ought to be the same. UPS could have been more honest in their dealings in trying to pursuade voters to motivate legislation rather than using lobbyists but it’s certainly the lesser sin. Mostly I’m just fed up with Brown Bailout’s failure to not obviously be a Fedex funded media smear campaign. I’m not very smart,, so when someone manages to flagrantly insult my intelligence it’s especially irritating.

  2. Why is it so hard for fairly intelligent people to understsand facts? 80+% of FedEx Express shipments move in the air…and also the vast majority of the actual mileage from origin to destination is in the air as well. Thus the ruling by Congress to classify FedEx Express as an airline. Conversely, 80+% of UPS packages and the vast majority of the actual mileage from origin to destination is on the ground. Thus the classification under the National Labor Relation Act. Its simple! One is moving packages in the air the other over the ground. Also, the FedEx Freight division – which is a truckline – is classified exactly as UPS is under the National Labor Relations Act. So, FedEx Corp. actually operates and owns major companies that are classified in both the Railroad Act for an airline and National Labor Relations Act for ground/trucklines. That’s fair and balanced! If the Union spent their members money investing back into their pension plans instead of trying to change a labor law for a competitor…maybe…just maybe their retirement plans wouldn’t be millions of dollars in the red and their companies going out of business at an alarming rate. With all due respect, you are ignoring what is occurring here all in the name of the almighty dollar. That is, a dwindling union membership, and political lobbying efforts that do nothing but line the pockets of Oberstar and others! I appreciate your time and your article but you are removed from the facts sir!

    this was quoted from another source but I can’t write up a summary on this any better.

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