No on Prop. 23. The most important political battle of the year

Baldly put, Prop 23 is the epitome of anti-climate reactionary politics in America. An astroturf effort financed by oil companies and driven forward by climate denialist groups, it aims to block California’s landmark climate action law, AB32.

AB32, also known as the Global Warming Solutions Act of 2006, mandates that greenhouse gas emissions in California be reduced to 1990 levels by 2020. The bill was spearheaded and pushed by Gov. Schwarzenegger, a Republican.

Prop. 23 would block implementation of AB-32 unless unemployment is less than 5.6% for four quarters, something which rarely happens in California. Thus, it would in effect, kill AB-32. It also makes the bogus argument that working towards GHG reduction would increase unemployment when the opposite is true and is funded by the usual assortment of sleazebags.

Attacking AB32 can only be read as a direct effort by oil companies and other vested interests to roll back the clock on climate action. They, probably accurately, perceive AB32 to be the lynchpin of North American climate action in the absence of national legislation. Block AB32, and they not only keep California’s economy itself dirty, they also send a scare-gram to politicians across the continent (weakening state and local efforts) and further entrench denialism and corruption in the American national political culture.

Join the No on 23 campaign now.

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