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  1. recession – over! Scars left on American society from this massive adjustment – just beginning! Biggest factor ignored: the burgeoning Asian onslaught!
    In decades to come, and even the President knows this, the only way for the average American to survive will be through the adoption of the Chinese, nuclear/electric powered electric bullet train network and its associated infrastructures!
    Obama has loosened the Nuclear strings on new reactors because we are paying too much for foreign oil and running low on coal! Obama has promoted the idea of high speed trains because we have to compete with Asia and they are using the trains to advantage! Cash advantage! China can produce, without oil , using nuclear power, the whole infrastructure for manufacture of goods for American and world markets, by folks eating only veggies and rice! They do it today! The goods are gaining in quality! America is in a losing battle!
    The next recession will be caused by China, calling in the American debt it holds and refusing to take on more American debt! America will falter, but this will not hurt a diversified China who now depend on much wider world markets, and would miss the U.S.A. but only slightly.
    Off-grid folks have it right! Urban farmers are developing the right skills! America’s economic structure is top heavy and far out of balance! We are in for a great crash! Higher oil prices due to Asian competition for oil will start the ball rolling! America has no oil of its own.
    Beware the over manipulated, fiat dollar we trust so much! Clean drinking water and fertile soil may have more value, and the knowledge on how to feed oneself from basics like chicken breeding and gardening may be worth more than a great deal of formal education, soon in these United States!
    These are times of greater paradigm shifts than the patriots are allowed to see through the corporatists propaganda machines!

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