Open Your Eyes – Lords of the New Church

Spain, 1983. Still true all these years later

Video games train the kids for war.
Army chic in high-fashion stores.
Law and order’s done their job.
Prisons filled while the rich still rob.
Assassination politics.
Violence rules within’ our nation’s midst.
Well ignorance is their power tool.
You’ll only know what they want you to know.
The television cannot lie.
Controlling media with smokescreen eyes.
Nuclear politicians picture show.
The acting’s lousy but the blind don’t know.
They scare us all with threats of war.
So we forget just how bad things are.
You taste the fear when you’re all alone.
They gonna git’cha when you’re on your own.
The silence of conspiracy.
Slaughtered on the altar of apathy.
You gotta wake up from your sleep.
‘Cause meek inherits earth…six feet deep.

Open your eyes see the lies right in front of ya.

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