US border guard gets 20 years for drug corruption

Martha Garnica
was in league with a Mexican drug cartel and allowed large shipments of drugs to pass through the border, mostly by having her or other corrupted guards at a specific aisle at the check point. Maybe a possible solution to that would be to have vehicles randomly assigned to lanes by a computer using a random number generator. Another, a better solution, is to legalize marijuana. Because she’s not the only one.

And in other corruption news

Former Mayor of Hartford CT Eddie Perez, once a genuine progressive and great hope for that city, got three years for corruption based on the remodeling of his home and cover up thereof.


  1. Look like a bunch of tweakers to me.

    That bitch is evil. Like the one that offed the nine year old down there.

    Wonder how many rigs rolled through there with a dozen or more ‘illegals’?

    Tweakers. Got nothing to do with weed.

    Worms of the Earth

      • Did you say “several hunded pounds”? Yikes, that would supply Cedar City for almost a week, or Los Angeles for about 1.7 minutes. It’s a pittance in the estimated U.S. annual consumption of up to 20,000 metric tons (44 million pounds), about half of which is imported. Sounds to me like she was a sacrificial lamb while the big fish continue to swim freely.

          • Implying an orchestration of a higher order.

            As I observed before, maybe Oregon is different… but in this little gig I’ve got going for the next six weeks I’ve had opportunity to poll every corner of Oregon – from Portland to Burns, Pendleton to Gold Beach – the past couple of weeks and nobody, nobody I’ve interviewed buys Mexican (or Colombian) weed. Either grow their own, buy or receive prescription grade locally, or (Portland/Metro) smoke BC weed.

            There’s something bigger going on here and weed’s just the scapegoat.

          • Interesting.. Although in your area it’s de facto legal and grown locally. But I agree, something else is going on with the Mexico cartel wars.

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