Michael Moore’s mush-brained view of the Iraq and Afghanistan wars

From his latest newsletter

Never forget: Bad wars aren’t possible unless good people back them

Spare me the weepy, hand-wringing liberal sentiments. If we’d only gotten together and sang “Cumbaya” none of this would have happened. Hogtwaddle. Wars often happen regardless of whether the good guys back them or not.

But most importantly, they made this war (and its public support) happen because Bush & Co. had brilliantly conned the New York Times into running a bunch of phony front-page stories about how Saddam Hussein had all these “weapons of mass destruction.

Oh, the poor little New York Times just had no clue, eh? Herein lies the heart of Michael Moore’s confusion. The problem isn’t the evil baddies corrupting the good guys but rather a system where the elites on supposedly different sides work together when it comes to war (and finance.) They wanted a war. We had one. And electing a few progressives this mid-term won’t change any of that. The problem is deep and systemic. That’s what Moore doesn’t understand.

The vast majority of the country eventually came around to the Dixie Chicks’ position. And we elected an anti-Iraq-war guy by the name of Barack Hussein Obama.

Ouch. Make it stop. Obama was never anti-Iraq-war and the Iraq sure isn’t over, unless you define “over” as “replacing soldiers with mercenaries” and “troops ready to re-engage if needed.”

Let’s get real. I’m glad one war is “over.” But I know how we got there — and I’m willing now to fight just as hard to stop these other wars if you won’t, Mr. Obama.

That war isn’t over, and Obama won’t stop the others. Really Michael, you need to understand that.

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