Dept. of Own Worst Enemy

Bill Clinton was going to campaign for Jerry Brown until Brown insulted him on Sunday.

What ever happened to Jerry Brown, the skilled and savvy campaigner? Because his campaign for governor has been characterized by repeated blunders, that is when it’s not simply comatose.

Maybe the question needs to be asked, is Jerry Brown getting senile?


  1. Any in Oregon who’d care to join us:


    September 15, 2010; 12:00 Noon
    On the steps of Congressman Greg Walden’s Office, 1051 NW Bond

    Oregon is in a recession Central Oregon is in a depression

    Join Central Oregon Jobs with Justice in a soup kitchen demonstration demanding full and fair employment from Congressman Greg Walden.

    * There is only one job opening for ever 5 people seeking work
    * Looming cuts to public services will put 500,000 + people out of work

    While the Corporate agenda is creating hysteria about the federal budget, Congress – in particular the Senate – is doing nothing to help the REAL crises: the JOBS DEFICIT. When Wall Street was in crises, Congress found hundreds of billions of dollars to bail them out. We need to respond to the jobs crises with the same urgency. The best way to get our economy going again is to put people back to work.

    Join us on September 15 as we demand:

    1. Congress must recognize the jobs emergency. Pass legislation like Local Jobs for America Act that will creat jobs, protect public services, and help get our economy going again.

    2. Wall Street must pay their fair share for the crises they created. A tax on financial speculation could raise $200 – $500 billion every year.

    Greg Walden, WHO DO YOU WORK FOR!?
    Central and Eastern Oregon,
    or the Banks, Corporations and Insurers!?

  2. Jerry Brown could be playing incompetent because he has decided mid-campaign that he doesn’t really want to carry the burden of governing a rapidly failing state.

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