And what rough beast, its hour come round at last…?

Colin McEnroe writing for the Hartford Courant. ( CT Atty Gen Richard Blumenthal is running for Senate against Linda McMahon, WWE mogul)

17 percent of likely voters in Connecticut consider themselves members of the Tea Party movement. That’s a lot higher than I would have guessed. Is it a sampling fluke, or is voter restlessness and anger flowing in this surprising direction?

I grew up in Connecticut and lived there for a year in 2007. That so many in a prosperous, supposed Yankee blueblood state would identify with the Tea Party is quite extraordinary. But Democrats mostly have themselves to blame. They don’t know what they stand for.

This is starting to look — for Obama and Blumenthal – like a Yeats election. The best lack all intensity and the worst are full of passionate conviction. Blumenthal needs money and a narrative that connects him, as a human being, to the people. Today, he sees what a lackluster self-presentation gets you — a six-point lead with the consistency of a Chips Ahoy cookie. He needs to remind people of why they used to like him so much.

Actually, “The Second Coming” is very WWE.

Rough beast. Alex Voroshev.

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