Evil is as evil does: the lesser evil is the enemy of the greater good

As I noted the other day, desperate Democrats are resorting to political histrionics in their efforts to convince voters to support the Democratic “lesser evil” over and against their Republican counterparts in their bipartisan conspiracy of dunces.

As Peter Camejo says in the Avocado Declaration, “lesser evil leads to greater evil.” Because it’s a sham. Saying vote for me because the other guy is worse is a red herring which deflacts from realizing that on many issues, both parties are nearly exactly the same. Obama has shovelled hundreds of billions to the wealthy, continued or escalated wars, attacks whistle-blowers, is okay with the US torturing whoever it wants, backstabbed a climate change treaty – and so on.

Tell me again how this is different from what Bush was doing.

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  1. As keep repeating, changing leaders is no change at all, changing parties is no change at all. It is the system that stinks and those who manage the system stink along with it. If you want change, then you will have to think of how to change the system and to what and why.

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