Cuba moves towards private enterprise

“We have to end forever the notion that Cuba is the only country in the world where you can live without working,” Raul Castro said.

One-fifth of the work force will lose their state jobs and attempt to work in the private sector. The economic dislocations will be huge and severe.

The socialist left has long held Cuba as an example that socialism can be successful. Now it appears that the Cuban government is saying, in effect, that it has failed. Yes, the US embargo hurt them, but they can get a large amount of what it they from indirect sources. So the problem just wasn’t the embargo.

Cuba is joining China in creating a hybrid between socialism and capitalism. Destination unknown.


    • That’s dated Friday, after Fidel’s interview but before today’s announcement by Raul, which due to its breath and scale, I think changes everything.

      You and I disagree on Cuba. But we certainly do agree that somehow the planet needs an economic system that isn’t based on greed , exploitation, and plunder by the elites.

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