Ron Paul, Matt Gonzalez speak at antiwar rally

GOP candidate for the 8th Congressional District John Dennis, Congressman Ron Paul, former Supervisor Tony Hall and former Board of Supervisors President Matt Gonzalez spoke during a non-partisan rally Saturday on 9/4 in S.F. Luke Thomas

Their message
(to paraphrase): It’s time to kick every last member of Congress out of office and start all over again, because let’s face it, Congress and the White House serve interests more powerful than the citizenry our electeds are duty bound to represent and serve.

Matt Gonzalez, who ran as VP with Nader in 2008

“Well, what’s wrong with Barack Obama? He wants to end the war. He’s going to protect our civil liberties,’ and things like that, and yet, when you go down the paces on his record, what do you see: Support for the Patriot Act, support for the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act, support for the Military Commission Act – you’ve got someone voting for every war appropriation. At some point the rhetoric runs aground.”

Gonzalez called Obama’s rhetoric “good,” but whose actions are “so lousy.”

Ron Paul said

“We should mind our own business. The constitution gives us no authority to go around the world and police the world.”

That sentiment is why Paul supported then governor George W. Bush for President in 2000. “That’s what they say to appease the people, but once they get in, they do something else.”

Paul said the fights between Democrats and Republicans are “real fights over power. Not over your liberties over principle because if you get a Democrat in or a Republican in at the administrative level, they generally endorse with vengeance, the Federal Reserve system, the tax system and the foreign wars. That’s what we have to put a brake on. Break that up.”

“We have 13,000 special ops people. You know what their job is? Assassination. I mean this is despicable.”

May we have many more hands-across-the-water moments like this. There is much that the various factions do agree on. Were such coalitions to grow in size, they would soon be unstoppable.