Sacramento is now the bloviating capital of the nation

Bloviate: To discourse at length in a pompous or boastful manner.

Seemingly, we could have floated several thousand hot air balloons on the emanations issuing forth from the legislative gasbags in Sacramento last week, during their pretend sessions aimed at passing a California budget. Because it was all just play acting, as both sides proposed plans they knew hadn’t the slightest chance of passing, and then adjourned until December.

Let us review the dismal history of the California budget negotiations. The State Constitution mandates that a budget must be passed by June 15, something which is routinely ignored in Sacramento. When the budget didn’t pass on time yet again this year, the legislators did what was only right, responsible, and adult. They adjourned for the entire month of July, presumably so they could think about a number of things, as long as none of them were the budget. Returning on August 1, presumably all fresh and perky after rounds of fundraisers, they then bloviated and stonewalled on the budget for the entire month of August, accomplished precisely nothing, then adjourned for three months.

Let me repeat that.

In the middle of a catastrophic budget crunch that gets worse every day, our legislators couldn’t even be bothered to stay in session. This is appallingly irresponsible. Both sides share equal blame. It appears that no one is attempting to find a real solution. Instead we have endless and tedious howling about how the other side is obstinate and refusing to compromise. Stop. You’re both right

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