Erik Prince of Blackwater writing memoirs meant to destroy Democrats

Why? Because he will claim the Clinton and Obama Adminstrations gave the go-aheads for multiple assassinations.

FDL thinks this won’t hurt the Democrats that much because gosh, everyone already knows this happens besides it might show the Dems to be manly and robust or some such hogtwaddle like that. If Prince was aiming at Republicans, I’m guessing FDL would be a bit more outraged about such violations of the law and American exceptionalism at work.

Really folks, we need to stop The Other Side Is Worse red herrings as well as tacitly defending or excusing our side when it does noxious things.

The truth is, both parties when in power have ordered murders, assassinations, and unjustified invasions.


  1. Firedoglake isn’t really that bad about D/R double standards. And they’re somewhat openminded to third parties, especially the readers.

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