1. It might sound dumb and it might hurt your head but in this corporate world it is just another commodity and it will be on the agenda. Have a look around you and see what you think is dumb but now accepted because it is happening and somebody somewhere is making money out of the “dumb” process.

  2. So what was that term they used about Obama’s plans? Oh yea, redistributing. Figi is redistributing their water to us, we redistribute Alaska’s water to India etc. It’s like musical chairs – at some point someone will be out of water when the music stops. Probably Africa, they always seem to hold the losing hand.

  3. In this corporate world the highest bidder usually gets the chair, like you said, Africa always seems to hold the losing hand. Not because they have no riches, but because we hold all their riches, therefore they can’t pay. Business is busniess as they say.

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