On the contradictory and reactionary character of lesser-evilism

Poli-Tea explains why the Republicans may make big gains in November despite being the lesser-popular party

Primary ideological support for the reproduction of the failed two-party state

Nevertheless, of those who favored a Democrat-controlled Congress, 48% stated that they actually support Democratic candidates and policies, while 47% said they really just oppose the Republican Party and its candidates. On the other hand, of those who preferred a Republican-controlled Congress, only 35% said they support the Republican Party and its candidates, while a whopping 59% said they actually only oppose Democratic policies and candidates.

In other words, a majority of those who support a Democrat or Republican controlled Congress do not actually support a Democrat or Republican controlled Congress, rather they oppose a Republican or Democrat controlled Congress. Simply put, the two-party system produces a literally reactionary majority, which is willing to support the major party it favors less because it opposes the other major party more. This is the contradictory and paradoxical ideology of lesser evilism as articulated via public opinion polling.

But instead as Peter Camejo, writing in 2004 as a VP candidate on the Nader Green Party ticket said, Lesser evil leads to greater evil.

This view argues that to support the “lesser evil” weakens the greater evil.

Such a view fails to grasp the essence of the matter. Political dynamics work in exactly the opposite way. To silence the voice of the Green Party and support the Democrats strengthens George Bush and the Republican Party because only the appearance of forces opposed to the present policies, forces that are clearly independent of corporate domination can begin to shift the relationship of forces and the center of political debate. Despite the intention of some of its promoters, the anti Green Party campaign helps the policies pursued by Bush as well as his re-election possibilities.

Has Obama really been that much different from Bush? Oh, on a few issues, sure. But when it comes to war, the continued erosion of rights, the use of torture, and support for corporatism there’s little change. Obama has also backtracked on net neutrality, DADT, backstabbed a meaningful climate change treaty, shoveled hundreds of billions to the banksters while allowing accounting standards to be gutted so they can book pretend profits. Neither major party is capable of instituting serious change, assuming they even wanted to, which they don’t.

But they will point to the other party as being the source of all evil, so you better vote for us instead. They need each other to survive.

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