Electronic tracking system for preschoolers in Calif. school system

You preschoolers better behave. We are watching

The Contra Costa County School District has become the first to implement an electronic tracking system for its students. Preschoolers in Richmond are now required to wear what resembles a basketball jersey that is implanted with a radio frequency transmitter.

Administrators say such an Orwellian device is just peachy because it will save them time and money because they won’t have to take attendance. No word on what happens if a child loses or forgets their tracking device. As expected, privacy advocates and parents are aghast at such a Big Brother-ish intrusion. Because of course the program will expand. Oh, Little Timmy spend 8 minutes in the bathroom and our guidelines clearly state that 5 minutes is more than adequate. That will be 10 demerits.

It also starts children out early being part of the surveillance society. How useful for governments, training them to “be a loyal plastic robot / For a world that doesn’t care, ” as Frank Zappa put it.