British SWP says Churchill was real enemy not Hitler

In the world of the lunatic Marxist left (apologies to non-deranged Marxists out there), anything that capitalists and imperialists do must automatically be opposed, regardless of fact or even reality.

We have a fine new example of this. The British Socialist Workers Party has proclaimed that Hitler was not planning to invade Britain and that Churchill’s air war resistance was just a devious ploy to get the US involved. Ouch, that makes my brain hurt. They also darkly hint that Churchill was not a serious anti-fascist. So, does that mean he was a secret fascist? Who knew??? I’m certainly relieved that SWP has beamed in with their alternate view of history from the planet Arcturus informing us that Churchill was in fact not an implacable opponent of Hitler. Goodness, he certainly fooled a bunch of people, didn’t he?

A few years ago a senior member of the Party for Socialism and Liberation in the US told me in apparent complete seriousness that Mugabe of Zimbabwe must be supported because he stands against imperialism. No, really, he actually said that, apparently forgetting Mugabe is a thug who has ordered the imprisonment, torture, and murder of thousands while looting a country for himself and his cronies.

For members of such Marxist cults, shades of gray never enter into their calculations. Anyone the US or Britain doesn’t like must immediately be supported and anything those countries do must always be opposed.

And such extremists wonder why they have a miniscule amount of followers.

Your mind is so narrow
And it’s no surprise
If you fell on a pin
You’d be blind in both eyes

– Steppenwolf, “Tighten Up Your Wig”

Harry’s Place, on History Lessons from the SWP

Quite regularly when I read something, I learn something new. On occasion I suspect that the author is mistaken in facts or in interpretation of facts. But there are those special times when I wonder what kind of drugs the author took to write such mumbo-jumbo.

Anarchist Ian Bone is even blunter, How long till the SWP denies the Holocaust?

Such deranged fanaticism is one of the worst enemies the left has, especially since it’s internal. Their deep and abiding belief in their inerrancy makes them quite similar to extremist Christianists on the right. It’s the same mindset. One says they and only they have the correct interpretation of the Bible, the other says only their interpretation of Marx and Lenin is valid. They aren’t interested in compromise or in listening to what you say. They preach, you listen. Then they tell you what to believe and how to act. Questioning is not an option.

And that’s not how to build a genuine people’s movement, not at all. Real mass movements are built by organizers who listen to what people’s concerns are, then help them find solutions. Power to the people means letting the people be in charge. It also means not having a preconceived notion of what the answers are.