• Sue

    Is this really a “new” discovery — or only a new disclosure of old information to an ignorant populace?

    Shale oil has a nasty extraction process — either strip mining or fracking. Either way, hard on the environment.

    I hope that it remains economically infeasible to mine the shale, until alternatives are well in place.

    • Hmm, yes, this does sound like that big find they recently had in Afghanistan, it just popped out of the blue, apparently.

      Shale extraction is indeed evil, messy, and costly

  • Perfect! Now we can bring our boys, girls and billions of dollars home from the Middle East and secure the borders – nobody in, nobody out – in a return to the Monroe Doctrine, where we took care of our own and ignored the rest of the world’s bullshit. Reinvest the three billion dollars a year in direct military aid and over a trillion dollars in war on Israel’s, and coincidentally Oil, behalf in the extraction, refinement and production down-stream of these reserves while flipping a flying fat middle mind-yer-own-business I’ll mind mine finger at the rest of the world. Take care of our own – rebuild the roads, bridges and schools, join the twenty-first century (pig era).

    Yeah, right. I agree with Sue, this is a crock. Kinda like the diamonds, and most recently a similar “oil find”, in Afghanistan story. Not to mention shale extraction is at a minimum forty-two dollars a barrel, setting aside the degradation of the quality of living in the production areas which – surprise surprise! – lay on Reservation lands.

  • DJ

    I’m pretty sure Canada has WMD. Fire up the bombers and let’s get going!