Obama falters, No FDR or Lincoln

Alan Markow at CAIVN details six areas where Obama has failed liberals and progressives, concluding with –

To the liberals who supported Obama, he has sold out in an attempt to quiet the right wing noise machine. But it has all been to no avail. The right’s distaste for all things Obama has only grown, while the left feels abandoned. It’s a recipe for the kind of result that the Democrats can expect in November.

Being a corporatist, Obama has no real disagreement with a corporate agenda, which is something that spans both parties. So perhaps he didn’t sell out as much as he basically agrees with them.


  1. If the right wingers label him a leftie, then he should REALLY act like one. They’re going to dislike whatever he does or any decision he makes. For example, he could’ve nominated Zombie Reagan to the Supreme Court and still have thousands of Republicans cursing him. So… screw them, he should really appeal to his base.

  2. Once again the public are expecting the puppet to speak with its own voice, look and see who is pulling the strings, the corporate world. He’s just the false face to make you think you live in a democracy. That little stamp of legitimacy, after all he was elected.

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