Antiwar movement and Tea Party must hang together or else hang separately

Third Party Daily

The warfare state and the welfare state are inevitably linked, two sides of the same coin. The elites who run both of these scams have convinced many of those protesting against one to support the other through a false choice between the left and right sides of the same pyramid scheme – with them at the top and most of us at the bottom. As long as our struggles are limited to working to elevate left above right or right above left, the pyramid remains balanced on our backs, ensuring their comfort.

They cite an upcoming antiwar rally featuring speeches by Matt Gonzalez and Ron Paul as proof that this can happen.

They then bash this site, as well as, and Infoshop for having the effrontery to criticize the hard left. This seems a non sequitur to me. How does criticizing the left imply that left and right can’t join together on some issues – something this blog has advocated for quite a while, by the way.

Update: They weren’t bashing at all, it was a formatting problem. See the comments here for an explanation. A better formatted version of the post is here.


  1. Hey Bob, in addition to writing for writing for CAIVN, I’m also the admin at Third Party and Independent Daily. Though I’m not the author of the piece and post you quote from, I think you’re misreading it here. I read it the other way around, and your point about the non-sequitur is evidence for this interpretation. When the author (paulie) writes “Others do not get it at all: Politics in the Zeros, and Infoshop News on the effects of Marxist sects on the Anti-war and Pro-immigration movements,” I’m pretty sure he’s agreeing with your position, a point you make frequently, i.e. it is the “Marxist sects” who are the ones who don’t get it, and this critique of the left is authoritative because it’s coming from the Zeros, Anti-War and Info-Shop. Otherwise it wouldn’t make any sense, as you say, you’ve been advocating the “hanging together” of the left and right against the corporatist state for some time.

    There were problems with the formatting of that post, which we actually discuss in the comments, which make it a bit difficult to read and distinguish quotes from original text.

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