Liberal anguish over Obama’s self-fulfilling prophecy

This is a duck

Jon Perr has a thoughtful but misguided piece at Crooks and Liars pondering why Obama’s popularity is sagging so precipitously. Is the problem that Obama is “hostage to his own fetish of bipartisanship.” Was he too timid in trying to get his version of health care and an economic stimulus passed because he desperately wants consensus? What, oh what, could the problem be?

Look, I’m sure Jon is a nice guy and he seems genuinely sincere as well as baffled at the nosedive in Obama’s popularity. But if it looks like a duck, walks like a duck, and quacks like a duck – it’s a duck. Obama is a corporatist. So are most Republicans. Obama doesn’t fight Republicans because he’s nobly trying to find consensus among a sea of duplicitous sharks. The reason Obama doesn’t fight against Republicans is because he mostly agrees with them. It’s the corporatist class against the rest of us. Democrats as well as Republicans are members.

The prime beneficiary of the economic stimulus has been Wall Street. Banks have received hundreds of billions, if not trillions to keep them propped up when, if any of those involved were actual capitalists, such institutions would be allowed to fail. Accounting rules have been rigged so banks can mark to fantasy not reality, then book phony profits. They still get their huge, piggish bonuses too. As for criminal prosecutions against banks laundering money for drug cartels, oh gosh, that could hurt the market, so they get slap on the wrist fines instead.

DC locked arms with BP early on after the spill and it’s clear there’s been a cover up. Torture? Net neutrality? After some inspiring lofty speeches from Obama on this, business as usual has continued. These are all examples of a corporatist agenda.

And all the liberal hand-wringing in the world won’t change that.