Parents demand children be shielded from the Evil That Is WiFi

The tinfoil hats are out in Ontario, as teachers, parents and politicians pile on Wi-Fi. Parents in Simcoe County, north of Toronto, are claiming that their kids are suffering from headaches, dizziness and even racing heart beats, and are blaming Wi-Fi. and that nobody is listening to them

This is as brainless as what some parents and educators said when the Roadrunner cartoons started, that children will jump off cliffs like the coyote did. No, really, they actually said that.

Be scared, be very scared of WiFi, it might eat your brain.


  1. There are some people that are legitimately affected by radio waves in certain ranges, though commonly it’s because of extreme exposure or some other environmental factor. I somehow doubt that the milliwatts of power being put out by wifi routers are causing problems though… Unless the laws in Canada allow higher transmission rates than in the US, the limit is well under a watt.

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