Harry Reid comes out against Cordoba House

Crooks and Liars

Ugh. Why is it so difficult to find Democrats not eager to bow to the craven fear-mongering of Republican rivals?

Fer cryin’ out loud. Reid is running scared because of rival Sharron Angle’s taunts that Reid is Obama’s waterboy by the lizard brains who want to equate all Muslims with terrorism and 9/11.

I understand their outage, but what we have is essentially one corporatist party with two heads whose interests are opposed to ours. That’s what many liberals and progressives don’t get.

The Democratic Party historically functions to siphon genuine protest into the party where it is rendered harmless. Read Peter Camejo’s “The Avocado Declaration” for a spot-on explanation of this.

Then read Joe Bageant’s latest, “Understanding America’s Class System” on his blog where he details how the political and media elites adopt and defend the interests of the ruling elite. It’s scathing and funny at the same time – he does have a way with words.

Obama, as usual, made a lofty speech about ideals, then immediately did the opposite on the mosque. Reid is essentially doing the same. Both are unconnected and uncaring about the world most of us live in. Really.

(More on Bageant’s post coming tomorrow!)

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