8,000 marijuana plants found near Cedar City UT. It wasn’t locals

Right here in peaceful Cedar City UT, police found 8,000 marijuana plants in a nearby canyon. Two Hispanic males,age 16 and 18 were caught. They were in the country illegally. Two others escaped.

[Sheriff] Gower said without exception, the large marijuana grows law enforcement have discovered in recent years have been cultivated by illegal immigrants and are connected to the Mexican drug cartels, he said.

“It’s overwhelming what we’re up against,” he said. “We’re dealing with organized crime.”

He added that finding marijuana grows in the remote areas of southern Utah has become a major problem for law enforcement.

“This has turned into an epidemic,” Gower said. “This has taxed our department to the limits today.”

This is not something small town police departments can handle. They haven’t got the resources or the weaponry. Let’s just legalize marijuana and get rid of the problem.

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