Professional left. Netroots and liberals as battered spouses

There’s been much squealing from Netroots and liberals about Gibbs and the “professional left” comment. This ties in perfectly with the series of posts I’m doing on Peter Camejo’s Avocado Declaration and how the Democratic Party functions to siphon genuine dissent into itself and render it harmless.

You can see that process happening right now.

From a comment on Naked Capitalism

Yes they are screaming bloody murder today but after a week or so of frenzied outrage and just as the bruises start healing, the Professional (or is it Retarded?)Left will fall back into line and stand by their Dems. The leadership of the Dems know full well that they can bitch slap these weak clowns all they want and the only reaction will be even more eager servitude. Just go read some of the liberal blogs and you will see many of these losers are already trying to crawl back right into bed with their Dems even as their wounds are still oozing.

Too often Netroots and liberals desperately want to be in the Democratic Party club, where the foundations are well-funded, money and power flows freely, and you’re not on the outside looking in.

But you can’t say the club is corrupt and needs to be changed radically and still want to be a member of as the club as it exists now. It doesn’t work that way. Not if you want real change. The Democratic Party assumes the ambition of many of those outsiders who want to come inside will eventually overwhelm their current beliefs. So come on in, the Democratic Party says. And in three years, those former outsiders will be chortling to themselves at all the crazy ideas they used to have. Mission accomplished.

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