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  1. Considering the high standards we Americans subscribe to, our literacy as a society and education as individuals, and the pride we enjoy in the quality of our work, I’d have to say that’s pretty accurate – that most of “The Left” as we know it is indeed “professional”.

    Odd thought, here in the beginning of the second week of August, fully two months before the mid-term “elections”… the apparent foregone conclusion amongst the bimbo bottle-blonde bobble-heads of the Multi-Millionaire Mainstream Media and the Corporatist Republic operatives who stroke their inner thighs that the Republican Tea Baggers are to stage some kind of hell-mary landslide come-back this fall, retake congress and as The Voice of The People “undo” all the Democrats have done. Leaving aside these cretins’ penchant for pretense, and irrational dependencies upon both fairy tales to explain away the world and a daily reinforcing Kool-Aid cocktail of Ambein, Prosaic, Viagra and crotch shots on CNN/Faux News, it displays that someone has a high degree of confidence in their ability to steal another election.

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