Water bottle filters dirty water with UV light

The bottle is about the same shape as a regular water bottle and has an inner and outer chamber. To operate, fill the outer chamber with disgusting and undrinkable H2O, insert the inner chamber, turn the crank to activate the UV sterilization, and in 120 seconds you’ve got yourself some tasty purified water that won’t kill you or make you sick.

I can hear backpackers rejoicing. This is fast, easy, and effective, a huge improvement over tedious pumping or vile tasting iodine.


  1. The problem I have with all these designs is that a large part of the unit is “dipped” into the unclean/unsafe water, contaminating the container. Purifying the water is great, but if pouring it out allows droplets from the container to get back in (or in your mouth as you tip it up to drink the water), you’ll still have contaminants and get sick.

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