Lessig on how campaign cash corrupts our democracy

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This past Friday, Lawrence Lessig presented at the TEDX Boston conference in a continued effort to bring awareness to the need to end corruption in our political system and restore democracy.

Not surprisingly, Professor Lessig’s compelling and inspirational talk is already generating some serious online buzz, attracting the attention of Americans from across the political spectrum who are beginning to recognize that until we fix this problem -namely the institutional corruption in Washington – no other problem will be fixed.

In just 18 minutes, Lessig demonstrates, in crystal clear terms, the devastating effect corporate campaign cash is having on our democracy, and in turn, our lives. Lessig makes obvious that until we as a nation take up this fundamental fight – until we strike at the root of the problem – we will continue to see our democracy crumble.

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  1. I agree. But it’s worth noting that the majority of Americans oppose corporate campaign contributions. They also oppose public funding for campaigns. They also oppose (a la Meg Whitman) candidates spending their own money on campaigns. The logical conclusion is that Americans don’t want campaigns to be funded at all!

    Which leads to an interesting premise: what if you had to win an election by knocking on doors and talking to people?

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