Mexico TV cancels show in protest after 4 reporters kidnapped

It’s getting beyond heart of darkness in Mexico now.

The reporters were kidnapped after covering a protest at a penitentiary against the arrest of its director. This would be the same prison where three inmates were temporarily released and given weapons by the guards. They murdered 35 people, then returned to their cells.

The kidnappers demanded TV stations show videos saying local officials have ties to drug cartels. Officials say the kidnappers could be from a rival cartel. So, I suppose, could be the officials. The government seems strangely powerless to stop the current descent into madness in Mexico, whether because they are helpless or, as some suspect, secretly aligning with Gulf Cartel against the others.

Somehow, the world needs to turn this derangement around, before it metastasizes and spreads to the US in truly virulent form. Legalize marijuana and maybe other drugs too. Mandate that imported goods must be made by people making a fair wage. Then beef up the border, if need be. But if you do the first two, the border will probably take care of itself.