California approaching “fiscal meltdown”

But rather than act like adults, the legislature, governor, and assorted politicos and special interests instead are mostly howling about the Blue Meanies on the other side who are blocking progress. Furloughs (mandatory pay cuts) have been ordered by Schwarzenegger and the state will be issuing IOU’s yet again.

You might think that given California’s $19.1 billion deficit and a plunging credit rating, the opposing sides might engage in serious talks aimed at reaching a solution before the meltdown happens. Ha! Why would they do that when they can grandstand for political points and then act like infants having a temper tantrum?

Last week, the state’s Democratic and Republican parties hosted mock bake sales on the Capitol steps to portray their opponents’ budgetary deficiencies. The Democrats hawked empty pie shells to symbolize the lack of a GOP plan. Republicans offered Pérez an Easy-Bake oven and a recipe to finish cooking his “half-baked” budget ideas.

Wow, those are some real knee-slappers and whizz-bang political theater too… Lordy, what a sorry lot of irresponsible morons they are – all of them. And here the citizens of California thought they were electing adults, not immature 13 year olds.

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