HuffPo. So why doesn’t Obama nominate Warren

Maybe I should call up that Obama fellow and ask for a few hundred more billion dollars

So why isn’t the White House rushing to nominate her for the position? In a word: fear.

This time, it’s not the ire of Glenn Beck that has Team Obama’s backbone turning to mush — it’s the fear of angering the bankers by appointing a consumer advocate who might actually advocate for consumer.

Sigh, liberals can be so befuddled, can’t they? Goodness, they say, surely Obama will do the right thing a) once he has all the facts or b) stops listening to those all those misguided advisers who give him bad advice or c) decides to fight the good fight against those horrid Republicans.

All Obama has to do is come out strongly in favor of Warren or say he will appoint her during the break. Has he done that? No. Has he ever strongly opposed anything that banks wanted? No. Instead, he has shoveled hundreds of billions to them and allowed the accounting rules to be rigged so they can mark-to-fantasy and then book phony profits so the control fraud can continue.

He’s hardly scared of the banks. Rather, he’s complicit and totally agreeable with their agendas and demands. So please, could we end all the hand-wringing about how Obama will do the right thing with the banks if only he weren’t so befuddled or scared? The one thing he has consistently done since becoming president is to always support their interests, the tepid financial reform bill not withstanding.

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