Marc Cooper on the Afghanistan Wikileaks

Thanks to the six year archive of secret documents on the war in Afghanistan released by Wikileaks and amalgamated by three newspapers, we now know what a hopeless mess we are mired in (if we didn’t know that before). NO question this is the modern equivalent to The Pentagon Papers.

The key element, I think, is the debunking of the fantastic notion that our allies in the Pakistani government are really our allies. We pour blood and treasure into fighting the Taliban while we give billions to a Pakistani establishment that backs the same folks.

It’s all quite insane until you realize, maybe the economy of the US is substantially based on endless war. It has to have wars to keep the economy afloat. I’m open to ideas, but what else explains the increasingly lunatic wars the US is determined to fight regardless of outcome?

The Washington Note

The question is whether President Obama has the backbone and temerity to reframe this engagement and stop the hemorrhaging of American lives and those of allies as well as the gross expenditure of funds for a war that shows a diminished America that is killing hundreds of innocent people and lying about it, of an enemy that is animated and funded in part by our supposed allies in Pakistan, and US tolerance for a staggering level of abuse, incompetence and corruption in our Afghan allies in the Karzai government.

It would be naive to assume the corruption is only among our supposed allies. How about we get some fraud examiners to review the funding to see exactly where all the money went.

These revelations confirm what the Afghan War skeptics have been arguing for some time — and completely invalidate those who have been promulgating a rosier view of outcomes inside Afghanistan and trying to sell the false illusion that American partnership with Afghanistan is working.

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What are we fighting for
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