Los Zetas have NOT seized ranches in Texas

Intelligence professional Sylvia Longmire debunks the Examiner.com-spread rumor that the Zetas have seized Texas ranches. Longmire reports extensively on Mexico’s drug war and she can be considered authoritative.

Normally I wouldn’t dignify a story like this with a post, but it’s making enough rounds across the Internet that I feel compelled to dispel the rumors and set Ms. Dvorak straight. First of all, the story is completely untrue. I’ve confirmed that through the Webb County Sheriff and US Northern Command. A US government spokesperson has also dismissed the story as false. It’s unfortunate that Ms. Dvorak insists on sticking to her story, which is based on anonymous and circular information.

The important takeaway is that Los Zetas have NOT taken over two ranches in Laredo, and always remember to ask critical questions when you read a story like this that seems too sensational to be true. One of these days it might be, but chances are there’s less to it.

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  1. When the foundation of any political movement is based on a series of lies and exaggeration, then that theory is to be discarded.

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