Ustream. Live video streaming from a smart phone

Now this is handy. Stream video live from your iPhone or other smart phone to Ustream, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and more. Ustream archives all the videos too. This is great for streaming live events like press conferences, protests, etc.

You can of course record video and upload it later, like I did with the following –

Cedar Breaks National Monument UT from Spectra Point


  1. I see a huge use in this if you have an off-site stream recorder to use this with. It would give you an instant recording/backup, as well as a way to stream live events. Having that if officials decided to illegally confiscate or destroy your phone, etc, could prove invaluable. How many times have officials gotten away with things because they could seize the recordings of things by getting the devices?

    • Exactly. Plus it can stream live video and then post it to Twitter, YouTube and Facebook too.

      Johannes Mehserle would not have been convicted had not several BART riders video’ed him shooting Oscar Grant in the back. Now imagine if the videos were on UStream within seconds after the shooting.

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