Sherrod and the limitless credulity of the Beltway crowd


So now Tom Vilsack, the Agriculture secretary, says that he may “reconsider”. I’d lay even odds that the Sherrod firing stands, even though it was totally unjust, because people in DC are so accustomed to cringing in the face of the right that they just don’t know how to stop.

Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack apparently couldn’t even to be bothered to watch the full tape before having a panic attack and firing Sherrod. This indicates massive incompetence at best and gutless cowardice at worst. He’s the one who should be fired.

Are they cringing or are they complicit? That’s the real question. Perhaps folks like Vilsack have no problem with the right-wing agenda even as they are careful to hide it.

Andrew Sullivan

It seems completely obvious to me that the USDA needs to re-hire Sherrod just as CNN needs to rehire Octavia Nasr. Both were canned based on knee-jerk reactions to distorted fragments of speech, which, when viewed in their entirety, are completely within the realm of fair – and honest – discourse.

Giving in to race-mongering bullies is not change we can believe in. For Pete’s sake, Vilsack, walk this one back.