Flipboard. This could be the killer app for iPad

Flipboard lets you to view your social networking sites in one place in a pleasing magazine format, curated, with many other features too.

Uber-geek Robert Scoble interviews their CEO in the video and says

The differentiator for Flipboard is the design. Lots of touches that make it engaging:

1. Touch an article and it “zooms” to reveal more.
2. Touch a video and it plays inline.
3. Turn your iPad and everything reconfigures, even photos switch from vertical to horizontal formats.
4. Touch “read more on Web” on longer articles and instantly be transported to the original website that was the originator of the information discussed in the tweet.
5. When you bring in your Facebook friends your friends’ photos, status messages, will all be laid out in attractive pages.
6. You can touch to share, favorite, like, or retweet, depending on what you are reading.

The Lotus spreadsheet was a primary reason people went out and bought PCs. It changed everything. Scoble thinks Flipboard could do the same for the iPad.