Please oppose HR 4213

From an email I sent out today:

Dear Clients and Associates,

I have never before asked my professional contacts to take political action. I am not a member of either political party. However, there is a bill pending in Congress that would have devastating effects on small businesses like yours and mine.

Congress is about to raise our taxes. A little-noticed provision in a popular bill may double the amount of tax we have to pay, starting with the 2011 tax year. I’m writing to ask you to email, write, or call your Senators and ask them to drop this tax increase, which would hurt small businesses at a time we cannot afford it.

I’m writing to you because you have a business that would be affected by the bill, or have at some point expressed an interest in setting up a business that would be affected.

The bill, HR 4213, extends unemployment benefits as well as several popular tax breaks. However, its Section 413 raises taxes on Subchapter S corporations in certain industries. The taxes raised by this provision will be used to provide tax credits for large corporations.

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