Big App Show. CardStar. TripTracker. Way useful iPhone apps

My iPhone is becoming indispensable, especially with apps like these.

The Big App Show
features and explains iPhone apps, one per day. It’s from Adam Curry; early MTV VJ, podcasting pioneer, and head of Mevio now. He demos how to use the app, then you can click through to get it.

Cardstar is one of the apps Curry featured. You probably have a handful of the plastic membership cards they scan at stores. Well, just enter the membership numbers into CardStar and it creates the barcode for the store to scan. Now there’s no need to carry the cards.

TripTracker. Track flights, hotel reservations, and car rentals. You can enter the info manually or, for example, enter your Frequent Flyer numbers once and it will ‘automagically’ find your flights for you.

What iPhone apps do you like?

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