As Whitman gains, Brown runs lackluster campaign

Surely you're not suggesting I need to talk about the issues?

Jerry Brown’s gubernational campaign in California is unfocused and he’s slipping in the polls. Part of the problem is eMeg’s deep pockets. But the truth is, Brown’s campaign so far has been lackadaisical and apparently unconcerned with the issues. Whitman, by contrast, is running a tight, disciplined campaign where she relentlessly stays on message. Brown doesn’t even appear to have a message and to date has said nothing about the California budget crisis.

My latest for CAIVN.

So far, Brown’s campaign has been, well, quirky. He’s made no statements on how he will handle the budget crisis, something Whitman has rightfully lambasted him for. He recently said he would “rock the boat” but not too much in an attempt to put the state on an even keel. That’s a nice cotton candy sound bite but it contains little substance. What will he do to get the state solvent again? That’s what we need to know.

And what is it with his campaign website? The homepage still features his announcement video, even though that’s ancient news, and has truly odd blurbs about his tires being stolen, his mother’s banana cake, and asks what theme song they should use for an upcoming “Recession Reception.” Um, those who have lost jobs and homes might not think the recession is something to be taken so apparently lightly.

Eli Stephens, in comments to our earlier post on Jerry Brown, says

Jerry Brown is a schmuck and about as inspiring as dry toast. The fact that he’s the best they could muster speaks volumes about the Democrats, who almost literally have nothing to offer the people of California.

Indeed. Out of ideas. Running on empty.