Mexico elections today amidst rising drug cartel violence

The Agonist

As power shifts in Mexico from the ruling elite to the nouveau riche narco cartels, the implications for the U.S. are significant. The reasons are obvious. The shared border, the heavy trade between the nations and immigration speak to Mexico’s importance. Previously, Mexican citizens leaving their home for the U.S. were motivated by a collapsing economy and job opportunities in the U.S. More and more, immigrants seek escape from intimidation, injury and death at the hands of the drug lords.

The elections could be crucial. But is it too late?

From the comments

The situation in Mexico has continued to deteriorate. One thing you didn’t mention is the government and federal army’s de facto alliance with the Sinaloa and Gulf cartels against the Juarez cartel and the Zetas.

Bad craziness.

And the corruption already has spilled across the border

U.S. banks helped launder money for Mexico drug gangs

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