Guide to Marxism 2010

Harry’s Place gets seriously snarky about the upcoming Marxism 2010 conference in London sponsored by the Socialist Workers Party UK (who AFAIK aren’t speaking to the US Socialist Workers Party, which certainly demonstrates one of the points Harry’s Place is making)

If you’re planning on going to Marxism 2010, and trying to decide which meetings to attend, perhaps this will help you narrow the choices.

Who was Karl Marx?
A great man who, if he were brought back to life, would surely support the agenda of the Socialist Workers Party.

What makes you working class?
Don’t worry, even if you come from a rich family, attended top schools and get a relatively high-paying job in academia or media, you can still consider yourself working class.

The crisis – over or just beginning?
Just beginning, as it has been for the past 100 years or so.

Is fascism possible in the 21st century?
Yes, but only in Western or pro-Western countries.

Does the media control our minds?
Not our minds, of course, but everyone else’s minds.

Will theorizing about what dead communists wrote inexorably lead to the destruction of capitalism?
No, but it may lead to the formation of yet another exciting splinter group.

Ok, I made up that last one…

Seriously though, if you look at Marxism 2010 schedule, there is a decided absence of anything to do with the current economic crisis or, more specifically, how to organize to help workers keep their homes and find jobs. Shouldn’t that be a priority for the left? Start there, then move on to issues like imperialism, civil liberties, and Zionism once you’ve helped them and they trust you. But the left too often starts with those issues, which are remote to most people, and then wonders why no one appears to be listening outside of their little group.