California NAACP endorses legalizing marijuana

Legalizing marijuana is fast becoming a mainstream issue. Law enforcement groups have endorsed the California proposition. Now the NAACP has.

But there’s no need to worry about hordes of crazed potheads. Portugal decriminalized recreational use of all drugs ten years ago and drug use has dropped and is now less than in countries where drugs remain illegal.

In 2001 many people in Portugal felt exactly the same way some Californians may feel about drug decriminalization now, and it’s perfectly understandable that someone would feel that way. But ten years later, the Portugese have found that legalizing drugs- even hard drugs- didn’t wreck their communities or even cause a spike in drug use.

If Portugal is any indication, California has nothing to fear from legalizing the possession of a small amount of pot.

Hawaii is another state where marijuana is already semi-legal. Apparently if you grow less than 50 plants for personal use and are discreet, no one much cares. There’s even a variety of marijuana specifically for those on chemotherapy. It only grows about two feet high and is bushy (easy to hide) and the effects are tailored to relieve nausea.

So why would anyone want to oppose that?

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