The politics of Nausicaa. Toxic whales

Here is a story some people may have seen. It basically has to do with toxic metals and man made/synthetic chemicals found in the tissue of whales. Its based on a report put out by Ocean Alliance

Stuff like this always gets me worried the whole left is missing the boat on how messed up our planet is. I keep thinking even socialist/communist theory and green politics don’t get how much we need to change the way things are. I look at statistics about how many species are going extinct and how something like 75-90% of fishing stocks in the world’s oceans are decimated and keep thinking everything falls short. At this point it doesn’t even seem like its about conservation or reaching some sort of parity or point of self-sustainability or renewable resource allocation.

I seriously think we’re at the point where we need to harness the capacity and potential of  human productivity to put more back into the planet than we take out and currently there doesn’t seem to be a political ideology that expresses something like that. I certainly know Capitalism is not the answer and whatever is needed to take stock of our resources and plan how we fix the planet, but beyond that it’s hard to say. How do you plan for increasing the biodiversity of the planet? How do you plan for literally cleaning the Oceans?

It reminded me of this other thing I had seen a while back about global warming and its interaction with the ocean.

Here are some cursory links on the decimation of fish populations in the oceans, with a quick rundown, some info from Greenpeace and a breakdown of some industrial fishing practices.

The thing that came to mind when reading and writing about this was the movie Hayao Miyazaki made in 1984, Nausicaä. It was based around a humanity in the future where the environment has been destroyed. Only in this case the planet fought back by creating plants that were deadly to mankind. In effect the plants were acting as an immune system and the disease it was fighting off was mankind. I think the point of the movie was trying to find a way in which humanity could contribute to the ecosystem not just exploit it for resources, renewable or whatever.

I mean, think about it, even if we harnessed the power of the Sun with solar power would that necessarily ensure a peaceful future? The Sun bombards the planet with so much energy. Of course we could exploit it for renewable energy, but some other people (like the Pentagon) could exploit it for more nefarious purposes. This is the danger of the system(s) we live under. All we are trying to do is figure out another way to exploit the environment. Renewable energy is a better way and I do agree with it. But, under Capitalism any technological advance always has the capacity for destruction.

This image from the movie is the remains of one of the great bio-engineered weapons of war in Nausicaä that was symptomatic of industrial development that lead to the destruction of the environment. Even it fell to mother nature eventually.

From 'Nausicaa of the Valley of Wind'