Groovefest. Cedar City music festival

I just got back from Groovefest, a free two-day music festival here in Cedar City.

The New Familiars. During their encore, people literally from 8 to 80 were dancing in the grass by the stage, bikers next to middle-aged Mormon moms. It was wonderful. They’re one of those genre-busting bands; rock, bluegrass, Americana, and folk mixed together with an edge.

Bill Magee Blues Band just tore the place up, even if they were without their harp player. Cedar City is 6,000 feet above sea level and the harp player had serious altitude sickness. He tried valiantly to play, but just couldn’t. And the band was still amazing.

Lubriphonic was the headliner, “Chicago rock and roll stew” with funk and soul too. Everyone was dancing.


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