FabLab passive solar house unveiled at Europe’s Solar Decathlon

The prefabricated wood FabLab house features a photovoltaic skin that is customized for Madrid’s unique solar resources. It is built on three legs and has space underneath for natural ventilation and a shaded patio. FabLab also features smart energy and temperature-monitoring systems, a garden, and a rainwater collection system on its roof.

Not only is the house innovative, the architecture is stunning. maybe one day, many homes will be built this way. I hope so.

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  1. maybe not. It does not appear to be user friendly and wouldn’t pass some building codes. Not that you can see much inside but from what I can – my mother could not climb that ladder and get in that wonky door that has no safety rail for small children. hard to tell – maybe it is a just a glass window but that place still looks difficult for the elderly or infirm.

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