Couple arrested for attempting to sell infant outside Walmart

I read that headline
and thought, they must be tweakers. They are. Meth is an evil drug. Look, potheads or even junkies don’t seem to get busted for trying to sell their kids for drug money. But meth heads do.

The Meth Project uses innovative advertising targeted at teenagers to get them to never take that first hit. They get results.

Two years after launching the Meth Project in Montana, adult Meth use has declined by 72% and Meth-related crime has decreased 62%.

Here’s four of their “Just Once” ads, in one video. This is hard-hitting stuff.

I was addicted to meth once, and haven’t used drugs or alcohol for a long time now. In Cedar City, where we live now, there’s too much wreckage due to meth, mangled lives, people facing prison, children taken away by the state. It’s not just the addict that gets mangled, friends and family can get badly hurt too. I don’t care if you smoke pot, but meth (and crack) are vicious and evil. They will take you down. You aren’t stronger than they are.

PS There are no home invasions here. It’s a small enough town that, hey, it could be the home of your best friend’s uncle. Besides, everyone in Utah has guns, usually lots of them. It’s just a no-big-deal part of the culture.

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