46% in poll now open to voting for third party candidates

46% of respondents stated that they would be enthusiastic or comfortable with an independent or third party candidate, while only 23% stated that they would have reservations or be uncomfortable about the prospect. Perhaps what is most instructive about these results is not the fact that such a large portion of the public is willing to consider a third party or independent candidate for Congress, but rather that the generic Democratic and Republican candidates are each opposed by an absolute majority of registered voters.

Clearly, voter discontent isn’t just with Democrats. Major party incumbents everywhere are now suspect. And for good reason. D.C. is out of touch, insular, and too prone to being cozy with corporations. The wars, weak economy, and now the Gulf spill highlight how ineffective our government is.

Widespread dissatisfaction may well lead to a voter revolt in November.


  1. Stuff like this makes me think we need to start something much bigger than any political formation we have right now on the left. I know friends in lefty groups who have kicked around the idea of a people’s congress or some sort of civil society formation, but if any time is the time for doing something it is now. Some sort of campaign based around providing jobs, raising the minimum wage significantly and increasing the power of unions to organize would be a good place to start.

    • Some are talking about a Constitutional Convention, which is allowed in the Constitution. First order of business, banish corporate personhood, IMO. Expect shrieks of protest from the ruling class should this ever look like it could happen.

      The left needs to do what Alinsky did. Go to the people, ask them what they want, then help start an organization that will get it for them. And he always let them run it, they weren’t fronts, and there was no hidden agenda.

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